Tips for arranging children room

Tips for arranging children room 6

As you know, a private room for your children will help your children improve sense of creativity. However, many parents think that they cannot do this because their children room area is so small and full of furniture and equipment from bookshelves, table to wardrobe or the best paper shredder. In fact, if you know how to take advantage of living space, you can create a wonderful place for your children.

  1. Put bed on higher position

This way helps children not only have private sleeping space but also create more space for arranging a table for children can learn or a space for children play and discover. You can design a bed as a multifunctional box. The upper floor is bed with safe bars whereas the below floor can use to put table, bookshelves and many cabinets to save personal things.

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9 factors affecting your efficiency in practicing sport

Have you ever wondered why you cannot get the desirable result in doing exercise as your friend does even though your diet, rest time and mental life are the same of your friend? Have you ever been jealous with your friend’s achievement in joining camping activity from building camping tent ( to go hiking or playing other sport subject?  However, in fact, 9 following factors that you may not notice can prevent you from getting better efficiency in practicing sport exercise. Let’s find out together!


1. Place for practicing

It cannot be denied that running in outside place is better and more comfortable than running in gym club. Many researchers had proved that doing exercise in the outside place could reduce tension and sorrow. It does not bring good mental benefits but also bring good benefits for your physical body. Running on firm land surface can help your leg’s muscles be stronger.

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Why should you do exercise regularly?

Doing exercise every day in 20 minutes will enhance your planning ability, arrangement ability and create a positive interaction between your thoughts and behaviors. For years, people have known the benefits of doing exercises. Therefore, they do not pay attention to these outdoor activities.


On the other hand, nowadays people focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and strengthening ther body. For who who have  practiced exercises regularly, read out these features and you will know what you have missed out.

1. Enhance concentration ability

You are tired of joining in a meeting lasting for hours. You are tired of seeing a series of record that you cannot count record’s number. Instead of choosing working over-time to finish your task immediately, you should spend a few minutes to walking around or do some basic exercises to refresh yourself.

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How to create the habit of doing physical activity

Many people want to have a good shape and improve their health. They want to go swimming, go skiing or want to enjoy a sunset in family camping tents on a mountain. However, their dreams do never come true because of laziness. The first period of starting a sport activity is the most difficult period because you may feel boring or you are too lazy to continue. Therefore, we will show you how to defeat laziness to help you have a good shape and healthy body.


1. Arrange time for doing physical activity

After a long working day, thing that you rarely do is to go to gym club! Therefore, you should go to gym club or do physical exercises in the early morning or the rest time to do. This way help you do not have any chance to postpone your practice.

When you have stick to a detailed plan or practice time, individuals can create the habit of practicing exercises for them regularly.

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6 reasons causing laziness in practicing physical exercise

What prevent you from doing exercise? Maybe it is lack of time, lack of energy or simply is you hate doing exercise regularly. There are always many solutions to help you feel interested in taking part in sport activities. Instead of giving up, you should get ready for doing exercises.

Hope that after reading this article, we can find your situation and help you with the useful solution.

1. “I do not have time”


In fact, you can control and arrange your time. A plan is necessary for you to identify what you should do first, what you do next in turn. One more tip is you can save time by buying new equipment. For example, if you are the type of people who like to cook dishes for members in family, you can consider those induction cooktop reviews and buy one to refresh and save time in cooking.

Even when you watch your favorite program, you can still walking on-spot or you can do some basic exercises while having advertisement on TV. If you do not have much time, you can divide your time into small amount of time to practice. Remember “Something better than nothing”.

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Don’t miss out these tips when going running

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world. With its benefits, running becomes the ideal topic for best friend tag question? However, many new runners still lack of some useful knowledge. For new a runner, sometimes we only practice running without focusing on some fundamental factors. These factors will support for enhancing your health and avoiding unexpected injuries.


Here are 5 leading experience that you should notice while playing this healthy sport.

1. Pick a good pair of shoes

It is necessary to choose a good pair of shoes and suit with your size. You can ask expert advice to have a right decision. Some people only focus on its appearance and forget caring about its quality. A good pair of shoes often goes along with an expensive price. However, you will find the chosen shoes will be worthwhile for your money because it can help you avoid injuries that may cost you much more money.


Beside shoes, you need buy sport suit to do exercises easily. To prevent the hot weather in this season, you should choose a slight short and a pull for beginning your journey of having a good health and good shape.

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Benefits of cycling that you may not know

Recently, more and more people make acquaintance with cycling because cycling is an ideal sport for almost everyone regardless age and gender. If you have to consider about best tend brands, food, etc…for preparing a camping trip, all you need to focus when you choose to go cycling is bike brand. However, you have to know much more about this sport. Do you know all its plus point? Let’s discover together!


  1. Improve firmness for muscles

If you do not practice any exercise within a week, the strength of your muscle system will be down to 50% and affect to the firmness of muscles after. Do not be lazy of doing exercise. You only need cycling 2-3 times/ week and you will feel the improvement of your muscles. In the process of cycling, all of your muscles will be moved from arm, shoulder to legs, thigh and waist.

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Swimming and its benefits for most individuals

While many people choose to go camping with their family, the others choose to go swimming. While campers enjoy their day from buying best family tents, prepare necessary things to see beautiful scenes and count the star together, swimmers enjoys moment under water in simple and quick way. Many people do not know that swimming brings much more benefits than they think. It does not only burn calories, reduce weight but also brings benefits to heart, lung and muscles. Let’s discover together!

  1. Lose weight

Swimming defeats its heavy competitor- jogging in term of burning calories to reduce weight. Jogging with speed of 8 minutes/km in 1 hour can burn 450-700 calories whereas swimming can burn up to 900 calories with the same speed of practice. The more you swim, the more calories you burn.

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Five interesting ideas for family sport activity

Sport can increase life expectancy, reduce risks of suffering heart diseases and improve learning results. Therefore, we should have plan to encourage children to take part in more and more sport activity to help them create good habit for the future life with five following interesting ideas.

  1. Spend time to play

Let’s spend at least 3 times/ week (30 minutes for each time) to practice interesting exercises with your children. The best time can be after school time or after evening meal. If your children are still little, you can show them how to play simple games. If your children are in the age of teenager, you can encourage them play soccer with other children.

Moreover, you should set up plan for all family members going out in the weekend. You can lead them to a park to help them relax and discover new things. Or you can go camping or hiking with all family members.

The key to encourage your children join in more physical exercises is to build up plans. You should not install TV in your children room. Then, you should give a series of family activity and carry out the sport that your children are keen on and want to stick with it for a long time.

  1. Jogging or cycling to anywhere

Enhancing strength of muscle by jogging or cycling to grocery, library or sport center is also a good idea. We can spend 30 minutes/day to walk with family members after evening meal instead of watching TV.

We also should notice the distance of each members gain and try to reach new target. You should motivate your children by some interesting awards. Moreover, you should use colorful stickers to stick on achievement boards to attract them. By this way, every family member will be interested with this activity.

For people who have just started the habit of running, don’t forget to take a look at some ways for improving your running process. It will result in significant improvements in the future.

  1. Encourage to join in activity when gathering family members

On birthday party of your children, you can create physical game for them such as a short run competition. For older age, you can hold a dance party in your garden. It must be more fun!

Family game is also a way to tighten relationship between family members. Through this way, your family will be much more happy and closed. Your children also find it easier to share with you about any trouble in their life.

  1. Sing and dance when cleaning your house

Have you ever thought that cleaning house is one of the most boring tasks in the world? If yes, why don’t you try to a new way? We ensure that you will no longer feel boring with house chores.

You should encourage your children do housework together. You can turn on your song playlist to create comfortable atmosphere. Children can collect and arrange their toys while parents can clean the floor and arrange children bedroom.

  1. Gardening or doing small things also a way to enhance your health

Let’s do gardening together! Children can plant a tree and can give a contribution in caring a tree. Children will have a chance of observing several interesting things from the colorful flower to an ugly insect in your garden.

When caring a tree, your children will also learn patience and learn how to care and love. According to a research, the more your children take part in activity, the more intelligent and active they are.


How to run in the most effective way?

Running is considered as the effective method for losing weight. Within 30 minutes, you can burn 300 calories as twice as the burned calories from swimming, cycling or hiking to reduce a large amount of calories.. However, to lose weight effectively, you should notice these things as follow:

Choose appropriate running level

Running is good for weight loss; however; if you are new beginner in running, you should run with proper speed in a short time to make your body familiar with that changes. You can combine running with hiking by running in 10 minutes and then hiking in the next 10 minutes.

By that way, you have time to recuperate but also can burn abundant energy. After practicing running for a long time, you will know your own power and you can increase time or speed to get much more effectiveness in losing weight.

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